Pick the Right Residential Property Investment for You

Posted on Jul 30 2018 - 1:06pm by Business Day TV

couple looking at a prospect propertyToday, property investment is one of the best portfolios in Australia. Real estate, however, has a different effect on your bottom line depending on its type. Most investors consider residential properties to be the safest, but they require considerable expertise to reap profits.

Getting Australian property development companies to handle your residential property investment is the only way you can guarantee benefits from this market. There are various types of residential properties the company might recommend.

Here are the best-performing ones in Australia at present.

Dual Key Homes

Dual key houses resemble single units from the exterior but have two independent dwellings on their inside. The most significant feature of dual key homes is that it allows two parties to own a property under one title. Hence, you double your rental income. Though fairly new in Australia, this option is quite popular with students and elderly tenants who want company.

Apartments and Units

These are located close to various amenities and have a reasonably stable capital growth capacity. When budgeting for your apartments and units, make sure you factor in the maintenance costs and all taxes involved should you opt to furnish them. Furnished units have good returns but are typically ideal for an investor with enough funds for deductible and maintenance expense and taxes.

Holiday Homes

This investment gives you and your family extra lifestyle benefits. Holiday homes have high rental returns but are not a stable income source. You also need to factor in maintenance and insurance costs and the tax laws of your locality to get a realistic picture of your profits with this type of residential property.

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Whether you are a novice or seasoned property investor, handling any of the said residential property investments can be overwhelming. Property development companies can, however, take this hassle out of your investment. They will collect rent for you, vet tenants and carry out maintenance among other portfolio management operations.