Physical Activity Is the Driving Force of Any Workplace

Posted on Nov 7 2017 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Regular physical activity in the officeRegular physical activity – or exercising, if you want to put it directly – is a lifestyle choice for some people. What others do not realise, however, is that physical activity is a necessity for all. It keeps the body in good shape and boosts everyday productivity.

Having said that, consider integrating physical activity into the office space. The company will definitely benefit from it in the long run.

Physical Activity Boosts Alertness

People who walk to work – whether it is straight from home or from transport terminals – may notice that they are more prepared to tackle daily tasks. One reason for this is that exercise increases blood flow to the brain, thus boosting alertness and energy.

On a related note, take advantage of your workplace’s location

The Paya Lebar commercial centre, for example, features green spaces where employees can maximise their breaks. If your workspace is similar, encourage employees to spend 10 to 15 minutes walking outside to get the blood flowing as well as to get some fresh air.

Physical Activity Improves Overall Health

Physical activity improves your employees’ everyday alertness, yes. It enhances their creativity and reduces their stress levels as well. Its benefits do not stop at the little things you notice every day, though; it also affects your employees’ overall health.

Regular exercise, even simple ones such as power walking and climbing up stairs instead of using the elevator, is a massive contributor to optimal physical health. It improves the body’s immunity to certain illnesses and enables your employees to meet the physical demands of the job. As such, it reduces the number of days they take for sick leaves and medical check-ups.

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Additionally, regular exercise has a positive effect on people’s mental health. Physical activity causes the brain to release serotonin, thus enabling your team to better deal with stressful deadlines and client demands. In other words, they are more capable of facing everyday work challenges without feeling dejected or negative.

When your employees engage in physical activity, they become more alert. Their health also improves. These things said, physical activity really is a major driving force of a productive workplace.