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China’s growing economy is one of the many apprehensions of several nations including those, which belong to the exclusive group whose moniker is “super power” Because of the great red’s success, the political landscape in certain areas of the world are changing, putting the influence of the westerners at peril. One of the most surprising changes brought by China’s domination in terms of economic strengths is its proposed Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. Not only does it rival the IMF, but also it puts itself in a situation where it could easily influence...Continue reading »

Research suggests that as the world continues to become more reliant on digital technology, the latter it is set to add up over $1.3 trillion to the overall global economic output in the next 5 years. The foreseen amount may only make up a fraction of total global gross world product, which is at $87 trillion today, but experts believe it holds a significant effect to global growth. The growth arising from digital technology will happen in various countries. In fact, it is likely to benefit emerging economies the most. According to a study made by Accenture and Oxford,...Continue reading »

The team behind Facebook’s success is now venturing into new endeavors that will put them in the position to help various companies.  The most dominant entity in social media stated its going to improve its service in order for every business owner’s Facebook page to garner more traffic. This will enable them to get more feedback on their products and further enhances their capability. Company executive stated that it has recently launched a new product called Topic Data, which enables companies to assess consumer behavior. This means...Continue reading »

Identifying hazards and assessing the risks it poses are crucial to any asset-intensive work environment. This is easier said than done, however, as it requires careful coordination and a well thought out plan to ensure safety measures remain effective. The key here is to make hazard assessment a central part of your operation, not just an optional undertaking. Here is a quick breakdown of the things you should know when it comes to hazard assessment: Monthly inspections are not the same as hazard assessment Do not confuse a monthly inspection...Continue reading »

YouTubeVideos are a powerful means of marketing. This is why commercials have stuck around even when conventional television has changed in the past decade. Using videos, particularly on YouTube, as a direct online marketing tool can greatly boost traffic and generate leads for any online business.

The more views a video gets, the more likely it can drive traffic to a landing page.

Of course, one of the main concerns is that YouTube is quite crowded. According to a 2013 survey done by YouTube, roughly 100 hours of video content are uploaded per minute. This means that quality alone will not guarantee page clicks; video SEO is a must to boost traffic.

Use Long Video Descriptions

It is important to note that YouTube and Google do not actually watch or listen to the content of the uploaded videos, explains. The only way they can identify the content is through the written context: meta tags and video descriptions.

Brief video descriptions won’t get any traffic going. Longer descriptions with proper use of keywords will help YouTube rank the videos according to user searches. By writing longer descriptions, you will be giving YouTube more material to use in its ranking procedure.

Always Ask for Viewers to Link and Subscribe

YouTube’s algorithm for ranking videos per search does not rely on backlinks. This means it is entirely up to the uploader to get more people to subscribe and share the video to generate more visits.

Every time a person subscribes after viewing a video, YouTube reads that action as a positive signal. The next time people do a YouTube search your videos will be prioritised more because of this.

The only way to get more subscriptions, likes, and shares is to proactively ask the viewer audience. This is why the most prominent YouTube users tend to end their videos with a call to action.

Among the various cuisines known to man today, Halal holds sway over many groups of people. This is not surprising since Halal food is what Muslims eat as dictated by faith. This is not to say, however, that only they could eat Halal food. Anyone can eat it. In fact, you can even get batches cooked for special occasions, something a Halal buffet catering team in Singapore regularly does. Here is a closer look: Restrictions The Halal practice is believed to have been made to monitor the dietary habits of followers, similar to how Jewish...Continue reading »