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Was there a time when you put off buying online because of shipment issues? You’re not the only one. According to recent statistics, the cart abandonment rate is 59%, which means 59% of consumers who placed items in an online cart, failed to check them out. You’re probably one of these consumers. There are many reasons why shoppers do not complete their online buying transactions. High shipment cost is one of them. Sometimes, shipment cost is  higher than the product cost. Free Shipping Free shipping is one of the shipment expectations...Continue reading »

In every business, success lies in the hands of people. Ensuring their health and safety is should be one of the priorities of any business owner. Creating a manual specifically for this aspect is important to maintain efficient operations. This aims to protect the workers, as well as the employer. Basic Components The manual must contain the company’s general health and safety policies, including its commitment to the program. The objective of ensuring the workplace is injury and incident-free must be clear in the manual. This section...Continue reading »

As a business owner, you need to familiarise yourself with SEO and online marketing to benefit from the power of the Internet in people’s lives. Having an online presence is important if you want help from people to grow your business. You also have to train your employees, so they would be knowledgeable on the basics of SEO. Here are some of the benefits of having offline training sessions for online purposes: Working with Groups SEO training that takes place in the office is better than those held online because participants can interact...Continue reading »

With the latest changes in Google algorithms, off-page SEO strategies are increasingly becoming more important to get high search engine rankings. Off-page SEO are the things not found on your website that make your business look more credible and essential. Here are a few tips to help you increase your overall off-page SEO value and enjoy better search engine rankings. Appear in Highly Regarded Directories Directories are third-party websites like Google Places, Yelp, and TripAdvisor that offer listing of businesses. Appearing on these...Continue reading »

Writing blogs for your business is one of the most effective ways you can better connect to your target audience and share relevant information with them. It’s a viable marketing platform and also one of the simplest; you don’t exactly need to use complicated programs or have advanced design knowledge to write a business blog. Simple it may be, but the truth is, most business owners can’t exactly invest time to blog or write articles for business. Despite its viability and importance, business blogging seems secondary if you compare...Continue reading »

One of the most common problems that a growing business can face is overspending on inbound freight. With excessive shipping costs, the company might need to raise the prices of their products just to break even. Fortunately, it is possible to cut costs without compromising the effectiveness of your supply chain. Most suppliers and inbound logistics service companies say the key is to eliminate waste and constantly look for optimization opportunities. Here are a few ideas that you can implement for your inbound logistics services:Standardize...Continue reading »

Meeting clients for the first time, especially if it’s out of town, can be overwhelming. You have to be fully prepared, with the pressure of knowing that you can’t mess things up. How do you make a good impression without causing embarrassment? Before your trip, you must double — or even triple — check all details to make sure you have everything ready. Review your flight itinerary, your hotel room accommodation in St. George, Utah (if that’s your destination), and the schedule of all your meetings. Weeks or even...Continue reading »

Keep your customers satisfied while increasing the value of your business properties by doing office renovations. In these difficult economic times, Perth businesses are trying to find an effective way to maximise sales and attract more customers. One of the best techniques to make this happen is renovating your office. It doesn’t have to be a major change. Keep in mind that even minor remodelling can create a noticeable difference. A well-planned renovation for your business can help drive more sales, if done properly. Help Your Staff...Continue reading »

While online advertising methods have been gaining popularity lately, you must not count outdoor advertising out yet. You still need to be relevant for people who are not always browsing the Internet. Outdoor promotions still play a vital role in getting more people to know more about your brand, products, and services. Here are three types of outdoor ads that can jumpstart your business presence: Billboards Your company can literally be everywhere when you have billboard ad campaigns. People on the road can see these and gaze at the ads...Continue reading »

Leaders don’t become heads of a company immediately. They have experiences and qualities that made them qualify for the position. One of these qualities is the ability to influence other people. Influence is essential towards running a company. Employees need someone who can move and motivate them to work. That’s why some motivational speakers like Montgomery present topics on how to become a good influencer. If you want to become a leader, you have to become a good influencer. Here are some traits of an ideal influencer: An authority Influential...Continue reading »