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High foot traffic in front of your store may just be coincidence; large numbers of people passing through does not mean they will all go in and make an actual purchase. The strategies you implement will transform casual passersby into paying customers. Here is a look at some of the things you can do to boost the likelihood of customers actually coming in: Layout & Lighting are Game Changers The façade of your store makes the first impression on people who pass by. Poor lighting turns visitors off as a dark room connotes dreariness....Continue reading »

What is it with beauty? Since the earliest times, humans have been obsessed with looking at and harnessing it. Over the course of the centuries, we have refined our sense of judging what is beautiful. In general, those who have an eye for beauty have thrived. Businesses that are able to capitalise on people’s desire for what is pleasing to the eye have found success.One contemporary example is Apple, Inc. The company, taking its cue from legendary founder Steve Jobs, incorporated smart design with on-target functionality. Their products...Continue reading »

Web design service is like many other forms of art. There are fads, movements, and all-out infatuations. Realism, stonewashed jeans, and bell-bottoms, for instance, are trends that we once loved. Some, such as realism, continue to prevail, while others, such as bell-bottoms, are better off buried in the back of the closet. The same is true for web design. There were spectacular trends that emerged in recent years: parallax effects, single-page websites, and more—and not all of them continue to prevail. In fact, many of these trends are...Continue reading »

Proper workstation lighting is more important than most people think. As light affects working environment, work performance, and wellbeing, it is essential to have the right lighting dynamics that can promote a comfortable working ambience. A number of health problems such as body aches, pains, headaches, and neck and back ailments can be due to poor lighting. This is mainly because the body compensates for poor light conditions, which involves adopting unhealthy postures to see properly. Insufficient Lighting C and J Lighting, Inc. notes...Continue reading »

Dancing is one of the prominent liberal arts that people engage in to this day. Many people see this as a hobby with no career opportunities, except for performing. Contrary to popular belief, dancing is actually one of the most diverse types of performing arts. Apart from being a dancer, a dance major can pursue the following occupations: Dance Instructor The best way to make this passion into a profession is through education. The demand for dance teachers is continuous due to the prerequisite of this subject in schools. Apart from teaching...Continue reading »

Employers must provide a workplace that promotes productivity and supports the basic needs of employees. Nevertheless, some work areas such as boilers, silos, storage tanks, pipelines, sewers, ventilation ducts, and ship compartments pose certain dangers. If you notice, these locations have confining characteristics, unfavorable ventilation, and limited exits and entryways. Asphyxiation, long-term confinement, heat stress, and electrocution are just some of the many hazards people may face when working in these locations. Do you work in...Continue reading »

Most people don’t just look for good food; they also want a great dining experience to go with their delectable dishes. It’s usually enough that the waiters are polite and the cutlery is clean. Sometimes, you need more than these things to whet your appetite. People are looking for new places to eat out from specially designed bistros to exclusive restaurants in Northgate area. Here are four restaurant gimmicks that take unique dining experiences to the extreme: 1. Hospital-Themed Eateries Hospitals aren’t usually the first thing...Continue reading »

Most people think that lawyers are one trick ponies that dedicate all of their energy to one thing, and shut everything else out. What these people don’t understand is that the law covers every possible aspect of human life and interaction. This forces lawyers to understand almost everything before putting it into the context of the law in order to present a convincing case. An Unlikely Pairing Perth workers compensation lawyers, for example, often have to consult and collaborate with doctors of certain specialised fields to act as an...Continue reading »

Almost all establishments use CCTV for added security. Commercial CCTV systems can do a lot more than prevent burglaries and identify suspects. Here are the other features you can get from them. Shop Security Using one or two wide screen TVs, you can monitor the areas of your shop where suspects are more likely to be lurking. Your TV can accommodate several footages simultaneously. With just one glance, you can immediately see if there are any suspicious activities going on. Install one by the cashier to make sure no money goes into the...Continue reading »

Are you interested in an investment portfolio that has tax incentives and provides you control where your money goes? Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) may be the investment you are looking for. Why Buy Property through SMSF? There are dozens of investment options at your disposal, SMSF separates itself from the pack for many reasons. You have control over your investments. SMSFs allow you to pilot your funds wherever you want them to go, thus you can diversify your portfolio to suit your needs. Many investments don’t offer the level...Continue reading »