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If you try to ask about architecture being either an art or science, you’d likely get mixed answers. Most practitioners, including those who work for firms like, may say that it’s a science. They claim that architecture being an art form is detracting from what it’s really supposed to do: real-world functionality. Architecture For Art’s Sake? Larry Shiner, author of 2003’s The Invention of Art, defines art as any craft, from joinery to harberdashery, that is performed with skill. Detractors may say that architecture...Continue reading »

Being rich and staying rich are two very different things. To stay rich, you only have to avoid spending beyond your total worth. But, to become rich is another story. According to, while the idea of what being rich looks like is out in the open, only a few understand how to actually make it work. At the very least, you can say that the truth is already here. But, the knowledge of the specifics to make it all work is still unknown to the majority. Here are some of the legal financial hacks you can do to get ahead financially: #1 Home Fronting This...Continue reading »

Many people view the property market as the ideal form of investment ground in its relative stability and a growing need for luxury housing. The increasing middle-class economy in Singapore is willing to shell top dollars for quality housing and thus growing the demand. Despite the seemingly good prospects in the sectors, not everyone turns a profit or makes a successful investment. Those who do, however, approach the process from a position of knowledgeability and strength to ensure good returns on their investments. Going Against the Grain It is human nature to make...Continue reading »

When we sell our products and services, we often think that selling to as many as possible is a profitable way of building brand identity. However, this method may provide us with quick revenues, but it is unsustainable and makes it difficult to raise awareness about who you are as a company. Finding a niche of loyal consumers create strong branding, engagement and an influential market base. Why Do Niche Marketing? Many public relations firms in Utah agree that niche marketing is a proven method that allows you to hit two birds with one...Continue reading »

‘Would you capture it, or just let it slip?’ That’s Eminem in the opening lines of ‘Lose Yourself’, which talks about grabbing an opportunity. That song may resonate more with young people trying to carve their own way through life, but it also applies to business—specifically, to making an impression. Most people ask if impressions truly matter where business is concerned. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who would say it’s all that matters, and they may be right. How your business is perceived is often...Continue reading »

When talking about the SEO industry today, it’s safe to talk in leaps and bounds. Viper Online Marketing, along with other SEO companies, has established their own empires within the extremely expansive industry. Just how expansive, you ask? Take these numbers for starters: the SEO industry is worth massive $65 billion. Experts even predict that it will grow to an estimated $79 billion by 2020. Crunching More Numbers In terms of overall coverage, SEO’s scope is astounding. An estimated 863 million websites around the world mention the term SEO. People look...Continue reading »

Many businesses are on the fence about getting an online PR agency or going the traditional PR route. If they’ve already invested in traditional PR, they presume that their existing PR agency can handle all the PR tasks for them. An online approach to public relations, however, could provide businesses more exposure through a wide array of offline and online locations.  Here are more key differences between traditional and online PR: Primary Objectives It’s best to understand that both PR approaches have the same goals in mind—improve client...Continue reading »

Web design is the roadmap that takes consumers where you want them to go. To get your message across, exerting effort on a good one paves an efficient way. But a word of caution: the last part is where everything gets tricky. Designers sometimes go overboard. With too many ideas pouring in, they attempt to squeeze everything in. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the design and forget the message. Countless designers deal with this problem, complaining about clients ruining designs with limitations and other elements difficult to...Continue reading »

It’s easy to get excited when purchasing a new house, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. The upgrades to your current lifestyle, that sense of accomplishment, and that enticing mortgage rate can make this whole experience exciting. According to Altius Mortgage Group, you can get prequalified in under 10 minutes. And then comes the preapproval. While getting pre-approved for a home loan can be a dream come true, there’s nothing as disappointing as finding out that the lender declined your request during the underwriting process. To help...Continue reading »

Headshot photography is just one of the corporate photos that businesses can have in order to make a branding of their company. It is important to know that headshots can also be done by individuals who need it for their portfolios. For a corporate setup, it is important that headshot photography is done skillfully to exude a professional vibe. The Importance of Good Shot Light Images by Susan shares that one of the common mistakes that happens when corporate photos are entrusted to amateur photographers is that they tend to work with...Continue reading »