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Among the trickiest and most challenging elements of web design is putting together the right colour combination that properly represents your message or brand, while setting the tone for the actual design. Begin with the Basics Voodoo Creative and professional web designers noted that creating the best colour combinations for your website isn’t simply about choosing two shades. To start, look at the colour wheel to see clearly how different shades relate to each other. It’s the most practical and easiest way to establish whether...Continue reading »

Do you make rational and informed decisions every time you enter the supermarket and buy stuff to restock your refrigerator, or when you go to an athletic shoe store to replace your old pair of runners? Most people would answer yes, they make decisions based on logic and knowledge—yet most people would be wrong. If you've been struggling to sell your products at retail stores, you're probably subscribing to the idea that people always shop using logic. The truth is these decisions are mostly based on instinct. Marketing experts have been talking about emotional...Continue reading »

There are lots of options to finance a business before and during its operation. It makes sense that most entrepreneurs take out specialised business loans either to cover sudden expenses, aid in expansion or have a bit of capital headroom. Several more consider various alternatives, like personal loans. Personal loan offers are available almost anywhere, from providers such as to local lending centres. Anyone can apply for them – even business owners. But, are they really good options for the latter? Tougher Bureaucracy The...Continue reading »

The Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is located at Red Centre desert within the Northern Territory of Australia. There is no possibility of you missing it as it juts out into the horizon, a gigantic red monolithic structure. The beauty of the area, however, is not the only thing visitors can enjoy. The Uluru Single Day Tours – Believe it or not, there’s more than one way to tour a mountain. Other than the typical strolling, hiking and cycling, you also have the option to ride on camels or even fly up high via helicopter. You...Continue reading »

Photos are sentimental because they give us memories of special events in our lives. In today’s digital world, more and more people take photos because of their passion and profession. Their interest in art and photography leads them to do it for a living, which actually means they get paid for their photographs. Amazing, isn’t it? If you have the same affection with photography, then this might help you to start a move in your career. Full-time or Freelance Photography can be your entire career or it may be something you do during your spare time and make...Continue reading »

Simply attending a business networking event and mingling around isn’t what it’s all about. If you’re thinking it’s a paid free time where you just pass business cards and grab free snacks along the way, then you’re clearly missing the point. In fact, a business networking event should be tight because it’s an opportunity-filled convention. If you do it right, it’s possible to gain a valuable professional referral from multiple organizations and industries. In effect, the linkages and contacts that you acquired will become...Continue reading »

After the daily grind of work-home-sleep-eat, a well-deserved vacation is always in order. Of course, there’s nothing even better than going to an international destination. New sights to see, new food to taste and a new culture to discover makes for one exciting adventure. To help you have the best vacation ever, here are the travel must-haves: Passport and travel document It’s every travellers’ nightmare — realising you forgot your passport right when you’re about to board your plane. To make sure you don’t forget your passport and travel documents (like...Continue reading »

There’s only one answer as to why late payments affect credit scores significantly: payment history comprises a big portion of the computation. You have to understand that lenders, including Rapid Loans and big banks, take a risk by lending people money. They essentially hope that the money will be paid back, one way or another. That hope rests on the borrower’s ability entirely. Because of this, it makes sense to factor in late payments into credit scores. This is to serve as a way to identify the borrower as a risky prospect — lower scores mean less...Continue reading »

If you try to ask about architecture being either an art or science, you’d likely get mixed answers. Most practitioners, including those who work for firms like, may say that it’s a science. They claim that architecture being an art form is detracting from what it’s really supposed to do: real-world functionality. Architecture For Art’s Sake? Larry Shiner, author of 2003’s The Invention of Art, defines art as any craft, from joinery to harberdashery, that is performed with skill. Detractors may say that architecture...Continue reading »

Being rich and staying rich are two very different things. To stay rich, you only have to avoid spending beyond your total worth. But, to become rich is another story. According to, while the idea of what being rich looks like is out in the open, only a few understand how to actually make it work. At the very least, you can say that the truth is already here. But, the knowledge of the specifics to make it all work is still unknown to the majority. Here are some of the legal financial hacks you can do to get ahead financially: #1 Home Fronting This...Continue reading »