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Everyone in this modern world seems glued to his or her phone at all times. We use up our lithium-ion batteries so much that it usually disintegrates before it should. These batteries are typically expensive and difficult to find, especially if you are looking for one that you can use for your mobile phone. Today, battery expert offers you some tips on how to extend the life of your lithium-ion batteries so you would not have to replace it every single time it dies. Always Store it in a Proper Place If you are not using your lithium-ion batteries,...Continue reading »

Being an educated borrower pays off in the long run when buying a new home with a mortgage. Apart from being fully aware of what your home loan program entails, this can also help you avoid getting ripped off or fooled by disreputable lenders. You can start by doing your homework online to learn more about your mortgage options, the process of getting one, and all associated costs. Altius Mortgage Group and other mortgage companies in Salt Lake City share a few things you should watch out for: Low Rates Only at Application During the...Continue reading »

Filing your ranks with qualified and professional employees is the key to growing your trucking company and, most of the time, it is with the help of a reliable and competent truck driver recruiting agency. Certified drivers tend to their duties efficiently without the need for too much supervision, which leaves you to tend to other important matters. Instead of spending precious time and resources putting out fires, you can take credible measure to grow your business. Pick your clients carefully As with any business, regular and steady...Continue reading »

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular alternative for traditional tobacco items, which led some states in the U.S. to impose excise taxes on vapor products. However, most states are yet to follow suit on implementing state-wide similar regulations. In Utah, consumers in certain areas can still purchase electronic cigarette cartridges and other products without having to pay extra for taxes. Vapor Taxes Minnesota has the biggest tax rate for vapor products at 95% of the wholesale value, while California and Pennsylvania impose 65.08%...Continue reading »

When it comes to the crime rate in California, there’s good and bad news. The bad news is the crime rate increased by almost four percent in 2016. It was already 444 per 100,000 people. The good news is it still paled in comparison with the dramatic increase between 1960 and 1980. Back then, the number of violent crimes rose more than 250 percent. It resulted in a record of 888 per 100,000 residents. It further went up during the early 1990s at 1,104. In other words, the current crime rate is one of the lowest for the state. But it...Continue reading »

If you want to offer your clients a remarkable electric bike experience, you have to make sure they are safe, satisfied, and happy. Here are some tips to make your e-bike rental business a success and top choice of clients. Equip your e-bikes with a reliable battery Sometimes, it’s not enough just to purchase pre-assembled e-bikes and have them up for rental. You have to ensure each one offers a smooth, safe, and energy-efficient ride. Therefore, if your e-bikes have a fast-draining, poor-quality battery, change it to an excellent and...Continue reading »

Workplace productivity increases depending on employees’ happiness, studies show. In fact, researchers from the University of Warwick saw a 12% increase in productivity among happy employees and a 10% drop in productivity among unhappy workers. Small improvements in company amenities can boost employee happiness. Many companies make snacks and drinks available in their pantries to help encourage healthy eating and social interaction among workers, for instance. The study noted, however, that many companies neglected to include well-maintained...Continue reading »

It’s never just about buying a house or a condominium unit. Real estate in Melbourne, Victoria is about lifestyle choice and convenience nowadays. Corporate executives, for instance, may be more likely to purchase pricier properties near the central business district rather than more affordable ones in the suburbs. The former is a more practical choice, mainly because it saves them travel time and allows them to be at a place where work, social, and family life all meet. Building communities In Australia and the rest of the world, property...Continue reading »

One of the most important aspects in any litigation is the accuracy of data. This can mean the difference between success and failure, and can even have a bearing on how your case is perceived. Too many inaccuracies and people might just go against you. That’s where great Phoenix court reporters such as come in. They’re responsible for transcribing everything said and done within a courtroom. This is invaluable for clarification purposes later on. Here are three things that you should look for in a court...Continue reading »

The Odyssey. Romeo and Juliet. Wuthering Heights. Macbeth. These are all classic novels that have become part of the educational culture around the world for many years. Even charter schools like e-Institute have it as part of their Language Arts curriculum. The biggest question that students have, though, is “Why do we have to read these novels in school?” While they may seem like complex books for those who aren’t fond of reading, their stories are not at all different from the movies you watch or the TV series that...Continue reading »