Office Hacks: Journey to Better tasting Espresso

Posted on Jan 29 2018 - 2:36pm by Business Day TV

Female employee holding cup of coffeeOffice coffee is generally considered to taste awful. Apparently, most managers are not keen on purchasing a high-end coffee machine or quality coffee. Use these tips to improve your office experience and say goodbye to barely drinkable coffee.

Clean the Coffee Maker

Wait, so you’ve never actually seen someone clean the coffee maker? Then you probably should do it yourself. Make the assumption that the coffee maker has never been cleaned ‒ don’t wait until you’re drinking caffeinated slurry made up of the water and oil that accumulates inside.

Just mix two parts water to one part vinegar and add enough to fill the machine’s water compartment. Slot in the filter and run the mixture through. Do this until the water becomes clear. You can also ask your manager to consider having an office coffee machine for hire; not only should they offer superior coffee beans, but providers maintain the equipment for you.

Brew it Properly

Opinion varies with regards to coffee preparation, but when it comes to simple brewing using an outdated coffee pot, things are pretty cut and dry. Squeeze something out of the office budget or convince your office mates to chip in for some quality beans. You don’t need a $1000 Italian ground, just use the best coffee that you can get your hands on. It will definitely taste a lot better than the coffee you get from the same guy who sells pallid sandwiches at lunchtime.

Furthermore, don’t use too much ground. Avoid filling the pot to the top, as it will only worsen the flavour. A heaped teaspoon of coffee per cup should be fine. More won’t make it better and less will make it watery.

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Initiating a coffee revolution in the office may seem troublesome, but you’ll thank yourself later when you’re finally sipping premium espresso before starting another stressful workday.