Office Design: Three Important Things Your Office Should Have

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 6:08am by Business Day TV

OfficeDesigning an office is just like designing your own home. You need a goal, and you need to stick with it. You should be objective with the design, but this does not mean you have to limit creativity. Objectivity keeps you from going overboard with the budget, while creativity keeps the design from being dull. Establishing the atmosphere of work is also important for productivity.

There are some things to watch out for when designing your office:


First impressions last, so make sure your lobby is as presentable as possible. Prospective clients should feel comfortable coming into your office. Place specific points in ways that will not produce trouble or traffic while promoting speed and efficiency in workflow. Employees should feel that they have enough space to move around. Maximize your space and always envision growth; your layout has to adapt with your growing company.


As the Salt Lake City office furniture providers of suggest, match the furniture choices with your brand’s character or personality. While design of the items is important, you should also prioritize ergonomics. They should allow workers to do their job more comfortably.

Targeting the comfort of your employees may help better turnouts at the end of the day. It also decreases chances of getting sick or health problems due to bad furniture.


It may not seem significant, but the color of your office space controls the mood of your employees. Blue helps with productivity and in keeping a formal atmosphere within the workplace. Adding a touch of green relieves stress, especially for people working in front of computers for extended hours. Keeping your internal colors true to the brand also implies solidarity and consistency.

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Designing your office should be easy once you are sure of what you want to achieve. Smart planning will give you more design inspirations for your office.