Moving Offices: What to Consider Before Jumping on It

Posted on Jun 18 2018 - 12:21am by Business Day TV

Movers unloading moving vanJust like moving houses, moving offices can be quite a challenge for both the leadership and the employees. The complexity of the process and the unknown factors that could come into play simply make it difficult to pull off even the finest of plans.

So, before you call a van lines moving company for your office relocation, it’s important to be sure the move is necessary. Here are three important things to consider before packing up stuff into boxes:


As with any decision that involves real estate, the primary consideration is location. First of all, you would be moving the workplace of dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of employees. It’s important to consider their situations before making the move. After all, the relocation would have an impact on their daily lives. Think about the amenities available and the new location’s overall accessibility.

The workplace is also something to consider. Is it adaptable for when the team expands? What are the working areas like? Would it be easy to fit it out with furniture and could it sustain (if not improve) the IT infrastructure of your company?


Of course, another key concern is the cost. It’s very easy to disrupt the cash flow of a business with just the littlest of changes. Given how major your office relocation will be, it makes sense to compare it vis-a-vis with your current expenditures. You wouldn’t want to overspend on real estate because you’ll be locked into long lease terms, not to mention you’d have to pay for another round of moving if it doesn’t work out as expected.


Last but not the least, factor in time. Time is money, and every second your business is down because of the move would cost you. Allocate enough time for everyone to prepare for the move and for the move itself. Create a realistic timeline for when everything will happen. Your preparedness would play to your advantage.

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As long as you consider all these, it’s for certain that your move will be easy, efficient, and successful.