More Than Just Design: The True Value of Architecture

Posted on Dec 8 2015 - 1:15am by Business Day TV

ArchitectureArchitecture involves so much more than just form and aesthetics. It is what makes a building a tangible asset, maximising its efficiency and reducing its total operating costs. Appointing an architect at the start of the project will allow to you have a building that is functional, practical and a pleasure to live in or work in.

Some people, however, are hesitant about hiring an architect to design their home. If you are among those who feel the same, you may not want to hire an expert to save some money. Working with an architect, however, is always a good financial investment. This because designing a home independently can sometimes fail to provide the comfort, flexibility and freedom that you need.

Buildings With Value

Architectural designers can create flexible properties that maintain value in the long run. They can develop a master plan that can maximise the use of the space in a building, with the benefit of improving the lives of occupants or workers. The can also bring out the character of community, as well as strengthen the sense of identity.

Don’t Mind the Cost

Architecture fees, however, are just a small part of the entire construction cost. You may not realise, but they may seem irrelevant when measured against the operating costs of the property over its life. Quality housing design can make people more contented and secure, which can therefore improve quality of life.

Design and Productivity

If you invest in architecture, you can create a building that responds well to environmental, social, and economic changes. Prioritising building design also means having a property that can withstand different economic conditions. The best part is, it can inspire people and encourage fresh thinking and ideas. Engaging and flexible workplaces that values the user contribute to the productivity, reduced absenteeism and retention of staff.

Good design, however, involves more than just boosting productivity and sales. Buildings with architectural merits can add value to the brand, company and the business; they can enhance corporate image.

When you to choose to skimp on architectural design to save money, you are actually on the road to diminishing quality of life for occupants or depriving them to have a better quality of life. Don’t sacrifice design; invest in it.