More Than Just a Reminder: Why Businesses Need Health and Safety Manuals

Posted on Sep 25 2015 - 4:54am by Business Day TV

Workers Health and Safety In every business, success lies in the hands of people. Ensuring their health and safety is should be one of the priorities of any business owner. Creating a manual specifically for this aspect is important to maintain efficient operations. This aims to protect the workers, as well as the employer.

Basic Components

The manual must contain the company’s general health and safety policies, including its commitment to the program. The objective of ensuring the workplace is injury and incident-free must be clear in the manual. This section must also provide the details on the assignment of responsibilities, so workers are aware of their duties to keep the workplace safe.

Safe Work Practices

The manual must devote a section on safe work practices, which should be relevant to the work environment. If there are many divisions within the workplace, employees should allot specific practices for each. It is important to make workers aware of these regulations, so they can be proactive in minimising risks. Companies may also apply 5S solutions to provide better workplace organisation, which helps reduce safety hazards.

Personnel Protective Equipment

When work requires employees to stay in hazard areas, the manual should emphasize that the company will provide proper personnel protective equipment. Employees, in turn, must comply in wearing and using protective equipment to prevent injuries and accidents.

Inspect, Investigate and Report

Safety in the workplace does not end with a manual; this simply serves as a guideline. Companies must conduct regular inspection to ensure proper implementation and compliance with the safety policies. Moreover, this provides them an opportunity to determine which section of their safety policies and regulations to improve.

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Workers are the heart of any business. Through proper implementation of health and safety manuals, employers can better show how they value the wellbeing of every staff member.