Meet Your Bills Payments on Time Even When Short on Cash

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 5:10pm by Business Day TV

People talking about billsOf all the 50 states in the country, Utah has one of the lowest average monthly residential electricity bills at only $79. It secures the 49th spot in the rankings from most to least expensive.

While this represents a difference of 26.71% from the national average, it doesn’t mean that all of its residents can pay their dues on time. In fact, many consumers in the state face possible service interruption due to unpaid bills.

The consequence of not paying on time

The most obvious consequence of failing to pay your electricity bill on time is the inconvenience brought about by service interruption. Just imagine having no lights, air conditioning or heating, and access to household appliances and electronics. And it’s not just the inconvenience you have to worry about; everyone’s safety is also at risk, especially during the night.

Pay that bill before you lose electricity

Even Utah Money Center agrees that residents should not let a financial problem disrupt the supply of electricity in their homes. You might have no access to funds to cover the bill at the moment, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have options. With the help of a lender offering quick cash loan programs in Taylorsville or any other areas in Utah, you can have this monthly expense covered as soon as possible.

Application a breeze, approval in the shortest possible period

Among the biggest advantages these financial services have over traditional loans from banks or credit unions is the ease of application, combined with quick approval time. With bank- or credit union-issued loans, you have to wait for several days – even weeks or months – before they’ll inform you of whether or not they approved your loan. With cash loans, you’ll get the notification within a day, with some lenders even informing you within just an hour.

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So the next time your electric service gets close to disruption and your next payday is way after the due date, consider a quick cash loan before the energy provider cut the supply off.