Make Your Presence Known: Navigating Business Networking Event for Maximum Benefits

Posted on Jun 15 2016 - 12:00am by Business Day TV

Business PeopleSimply attending a business networking event and mingling around isn’t what it’s all about. If you’re thinking it’s a paid free time where you just pass business cards and grab free snacks along the way, then you’re clearly missing the point.

In fact, a business networking event should be tight because it’s an opportunity-filled convention. If you do it right, it’s possible to gain a valuable professional referral from multiple organizations and industries. In effect, the linkages and contacts that you acquired will become your immediate network.

This means that your business will have a better probability of generating future partnerships. And better yet, reliable sources of potential leads and income.

How to Prepare and Seize the Moment

Before you attend the event, make sure you already have the end goal in mind. Whether it’s just to build connections or rekindle some old partnerships, make it clear. Also, take note of the following:

  • Dress Properly – While it can be uncomfortable to stand out, you have to give it your best shot it in a networking event. Remember, the more memorable you are, the more chances your ‘network’ will connect with you soon.
  • Bring Business Paraphernalia – Even if you can talk the talk and accommodate almost everybody, you have to leave them with a piece of what you’re about. Don’t expect them to Google your name or business just to get in touch.
  • Ears Before Mouth Strategy – A good way to win any audience is to learn what they’re all about. Before you speak, adjust to the conversation first by listening patiently and attentively.
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The Art of Subtle Frankness and Directness to Getting to the Point

After engaging for a while, keep in mind to close a particular network fast. You don’t want to spend the rest of the day being buddies with one another. You should immediately close your case and move on to other networks to get a larger share of opportunities.

In business networking events, the proactive one gets the most results.