Make Your Mobile Phone Last Longer

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 4:53pm by Business Day TV

Mobile phones are not cheap, and with such a hefty price tag, many people want to make the most out of their mobile phones and use them as long as they can. There are many misconceptions about extending a mobile phone’s service life, which often leads many users visiting a cell phone repair franchise.

Users need to know which are legitimate methods and which are myths, so they could use their mobile phones for a longer time.

Don’t Drain Your Battery to 0

Never let your battery drain all the way down to 0%, as this can damage your battery and shorten its service life. If you see that your battery only has around 20 to 30% charge, it is the ideal time to charge your phone. This will also make the charging process faster.

Charge It Longer

There are many chargers out on the market that make charging easier and faster. This is not ideal though, as charging it too fast can cause your storage to crash. Make sure that you always have time to spare to charge your phone to a hundred percent.

Don’t Let It Heat Up

Charging your phone while playing games or watching videos will heat it up. When charging your mobile phone, it would be best to turn your mobile phone off or keep it in silent mode.

Don’t Overuse Batteries

Your mobile batteries do not last long because of overuse. Make sure to lessen screen brightness and set a sleep timer to conserve battery energy.

If you want to play games or use apps on your phone, set a period so you could limit your battery use and prevent low battery. If an app is unnecessary, it’s better to remove these programs from your phone.

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Mobile phones and gadgets have batteries that enable people to use them anywhere at any time, but these have a limit too, so everyone should know how to make them more durable. Follow these tips and make your phone’s life last longer than ever!