Machine Learning: Why Is It Important to Content Strategy?

Posted on Jun 1 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

A concept design of SEO works Machine learning is already (or should be) a critical element in any successful content strategy, and would probably gain more importance in helping businesses tailor relevant content for customers.

For digital marketers, it has the huge potential to discover behavior patterns of customers, so that digital marketers could forecast the kind of content their customers wish to see.

How Machine Learning Works

When customers browse your site, they leave crucial data behind, including their location, how they found your site, if they are a return or first-time visitor, what they read and click on, and how long they stay on specific pages.

When you can regularly track this vital information and scale the insights to your customers, you could better understand your site visitors, find the prospects in the buying journey and the particular content types that could help them move forward in their buying journey.

However, because of the countless data points available, it could feel quite overwhelming. To that end, it would be the task of the machine learning capabilities to collect data and produce actionable jobs for you.

Learning From Data Gathered

The insights you obtain from the collected data would help you develop the right content for specific buyer personalities at varying stages so that you could give them a more customized experience and engage them more effectively.

However, for you to measure the success of your efforts, a top SEO services provider in Denver suggests that you should combine accurate content and SEO metrics with machine learning. This means that you should regularly monitor your content and gather data on:

  • Click-through-rate (CTR) from search engine rank pages (SERP).
  • Rankings from SERP for your chosen keywords/phrases.
  • The visitor’s journey through your site after evaluating the content that got them to your site.
  • The visitor’s engagement upon landing on your site.
  • Conversion rates from site visitors to potential leads to customers.
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This information would help gauge if your efforts into machine learning capabilities are a success or not and provide much need insights on what you should do next.

With this, you are set. You will gain some insight into the strategies of your competitors and get the chance to adjust your strategy both online and in the real world.