Let Your Presence be Known: Outdoor Advertising That Can Work for Your Business

Posted on Sep 2 2015 - 1:54am by Business Day TV

advertisingWhile online advertising methods have been gaining popularity lately, you must not count outdoor advertising out yet. You still need to be relevant for people who are not always browsing the Internet. Outdoor promotions still play a vital role in getting more people to know more about your brand, products, and services.

Here are three types of outdoor ads that can jumpstart your business presence:


Your company can literally be everywhere when you have billboard ad campaigns. People on the road can see these and gaze at the ads when they are stuck in traffic. Depending on how effective your ad is, they may even consider buying one of your products or getting your services. For a billboard to be effective, it must have an eye-catching image and catchy words. Don’t overload it with too much information; people only have approximately six seconds to digest all the details on your ad.


Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your brand during special events. Those who will come to these events may become interested in what you have to offer; all you have to do is make sure you have their attention. Rent and set up a pop up canopy tent with your company logo. When they approach your stand, use this as a chance to tell them about your company.

LED Signs

LED sings can enhance the appeal of any commercial establishment, especially restaurants. You can have one outside your area to attract curious passersby. You can also incorporate LED signs when presenting special offers and menu items. Come up with catchy and clever phrases to gain the attention of potential customers and make your brand name stand out from the rest.

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These outdoor advertising methods offer an effective addition to your marketing strategies. The more channels you use for your promotions, the more opportunities you have of expanding your customer base.