Keep Your Warehouse Employees Safe with these Policies

Posted on Aug 24 2017 - 9:56am by Admin

Worker removing asbestosImplementing a comprehensive warehouse safety program benefits not just the facility itself, but everyone involved in its operations. These policies ensure that workers can carry out their tasks and responsibilities with peace of mind, knowing that they do not have to worry about their safety.

Furthermore, such guidelines give rise to heightened efficiency and productivity, which means improved bottom line for the warehouse. Some of the most important components that you should focus on when creating a safety program for your Staffordshire warehouse include the following.

Use of the proper equipment for the right job

It is vital that you give your warehouse employees access to the right equipment when carrying out tasks, especially those where heavy loads are involved. For instance, they should have access to forklifts and dollies for lifting and organising items they need to place or remove from higher areas.

You may be worried about funding the need to have these lifting devices available at the facility. Thanks to businesses offering various platform hire services in Staffordshire, you do not have to purchase these machines on the spot; you can simply rent or lease them out.

Rid the facility of “slip and trip” hazards

Some of the most common yet often overlooked hazards in warehouses are various types of debris usually scattered on the floor. These can take the form of fallen goods, cables, and tools among many others.

It is crucial that you enforce a rule in the warehouse requiring everyone to contribute to keeping the grounds or flooring clutter-free. When everyone pitches in to keep these slip and trip hazards at bay, then everyone will benefit from the drastically reduced risks of accidents.

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Although these are basic aspects of a successful warehouse safety program, they play crucial roles in maintaining a hazard-free workplace. So make sure that you strictly implement them, and that all your workers abide by them.