Japanese-Inspired Home Decorations

Posted on Sep 13 2017 - 7:49pm by Business Day TV

Dining room with bamboo decorationJapanese culture has become a force in global affairs. One of the ways this has been exhibited is the influence of Japanese popular culture, such as anime. Websites like topshelfconcepts.com.au say that if you are one of the people interested in making your home look like those in these animated series, the following could help you in your design options.

Put Japanese kitchen and dining utensils in tables

No one can deny that Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular foods in the world. Food like sukiyaki and sushi has made it into the mainstream in Western countries, and Japanese tea has become an international hit. Integrate this into your home’s design by putting items like chopsticks and cast iron Japanese teapot onto the table.

Have a collection of Japanese movies and TV shows

Japanese cartoons and comics are probably the most notable popular culture import from Japan, has but the country also has a vibrant film and television culture. Master filmmakers like Hayao Miyazaki and Akira Kurosawa enjoy a loyal following, and people from other countries regularly watch Japanese shows.

Install a Japanese door in your house

Shoji is the classic Japanese sliding door that is typical of most Japanese homes. Sliding doors can save space and maximise space in your house. You can use it for bathroom doors and walk-in closets.

Create a Zen garden

Fish ponds, rock formations, and gardens are usual in most Japanese homes. They create a peaceful atmosphere in your home and encourage meditation and concentration.

Japanese design and decor will be able to transform your home, whether you want it to reflect Japanese pop culture or the serene calm of Zen. All it takes is a sharp eye and a knowledge of good choices.

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