Improve Restroom Design for Better Employee Performance

Posted on Jun 26 2018 - 6:05am by Business Day TV

Office restroom Workplace productivity increases depending on employees’ happiness, studies show. In fact, researchers from the University of Warwick saw a 12% increase in productivity among happy employees and a 10% drop in productivity among unhappy workers.

Small improvements in company amenities can boost employee happiness. Many companies make snacks and drinks available in their pantries to help encourage healthy eating and social interaction among workers, for instance.

The study noted, however, that many companies neglected to include well-maintained restrooms as one of the things that can raise employee morale and productivity. A few well-chosen restroom design changes can show how much the management values its workforce and their well-being.

Show You Care Through the Little Things

The professional contractors at Duraplan understand that the restroom forms an important part of a building. After all, going to the restroom, like eating food, is a necessary part of everyone’s work life. A clean appearance, a well-stocked tissue dispenser and working partition doors are small improvements that can raise employee contentment.

Temporary Sanctuary

Restrooms can also serve as a quiet reprieve from their tasks. Floor-to-ceiling restroom stall partitions offer employees privacy and a chance to collect their thoughts. While some people thrive on social interaction, there are also those who prefer some alone time to reboot their minds and de-stress.

The addition of white noise in the restroom can help improve the illusion of privacy and workplace anxiety. Air fresheners or scented humidifiers chases away unpleasant smells and help create a calm atmosphere inside restrooms.

Employee morale drives workplace productivity. With a few design improvements, such as better lighting and full-length partitions, restrooms can become a place of both solitude and social interaction to help employees find much-needed reprieve. Most importantly, a little bathroom maintenance shows your employees that you care.

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