Ideas for Additional Income for the Office Worker

Posted on Aug 1 2017 - 4:10pm by Business Day TV

A Stack of CoinsThere are times that you wish you had more free time to earn more so you can buy the things you want. Some may want to invest their extra money in something worthwhile. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Bake sale

If you love to bake and you think you can earn from it, you can! You can offer your baked delicacies to neighbours, friends and colleagues. In the weekend, you can bake your speciality and have a round of free taste with your friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Get their opinion and offer to bake for them for a fee.

Sell espresso coffee in the office

Is there an espresso machine in your office? If none, get the necessary approval within your workplace to sell coffee in your office pantry. Some firms lease espresso machines such as Krema. If this is not possible, ask if the supplier offers referral commissions for successful deals.

This is extra income for you with no additional personnel needed.

Online garage sale

If you are looking to dispose of items you no longer need but still in optimum conditions, you can post it online and sell it. This idea is not new, but the items you are selling maybe what someone out there just needs.

You can also hold the garage sale in your yard and invite neighbours and friends during the weekend.

Homemade lunch or dinner

If you have worked for a long time in your company, you already know the type of food your colleagues like. Most probably, they have eaten at all the nearby restaurants near your office that they will run out of choices. Offer other options by proposing to bring cooked and packed lunch or dinner to them.

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To earn extra income while working is a good idea especially if your present income is not enough to pay all your bills. Additional revenue will also mean extra effort on your part, so plan and choose wisely.