Hydraulic Sprayer Options for Residential and Industrial Applications

Posted on Oct 29 2018 - 1:44am by Business Day TV

Hydraulic SprayerApplications of liquids under high pressure are a standard need in various residential and industrial applications. These include fire fighting, irrigation, and application of pesticides among others. There are two primary sprayer categories used in these applications including low-volume and hydraulic.

A hydraulic tank sprayer from Rapid Spray is generally the common option. It discharges your liquid under considerable pressure through its nozzles in a specific pattern through the direct action of an energised pump.

The typical pressure in a hydraulic sprayer is 100–500 psi with a droplet diameter of 200–400 microns and an output of 2–4 gallons per minute. The following are your options when on the market for a hydraulic sprayer.

Compressed Air Sprayer

This is the smallest hydraulic sprayer currently. Its tank’s capacity is 1–5 gallons, and it has an air pump located at its top, a wand and a nozzle for spraying.

Compressed air sprayers are ideal for use on small tasks since the pump needs frequent pumping to maintain adequate pressure and you must shake the tank to agitate its contents.

Skid-Mounted Sprayer

The tank capacity for this sprayer is 200 gallons. It is fitted on an electric cart, ATV or compact tractor. A skid-mounted sprayer comes with a gas or electric-powered engine, which powers its pump.

It might also have a boom or gun and hose reel with nozzles for spraying. A skid-mounted sprayer is ideally used for large-scale operations.

Boom Sprayer

This sprayer comes with three different nozzles for spraying different liquids making it perfect for multi-purpose applications. A boom sprayer results in even distribution of the liquid you are spraying. You will, however, need to use an independent valve, mixer, pump and filter for the different nozzles.

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The above hydraulic sprayers are popular because they do not concentrate on one spot. They also allow a deliberate and controlled application of your sprayed liquid. They can hence be efficiently used in closed and open areas.