How to Live Through a Home Improvement This Fall

Posted on Nov 24 2017 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Home being improvedFall is perhaps the best season to tackle home improvement. The kids are back to school, the weather is relatively more predictable, and the holidays are around the corner. To live through your project, consider these helpful tips:

Look for the Best Source of Fund

Your budget will spell the limits of what you can change in your home. After determining the amount you’re willing to spend on the improvement, find out where the money will come from. Cash is always king, but consider taking an FHA 203k loan to have an adequate fund for your project.

Unlike other financial products, this mortgage lets you have the money to buy the property and pay for improvements at once. As a government-back loan, it makes it easier to qualify and offer a more attractive price.

Assess How Many Disruptions You Can Take

It pays to evaluate yourself and know your energy level. Any home improvement is going to cause some disruption, so make sure you’re ready for the noise and mess for a certain period. If you don’t want to upend your home and still want to give it a facelift, consider less inconvenient projects like window or roof replacement.

Know the Unknowns

Whatever project you choose to tackle, find out what concerns your contractor proactively. With less uncertainty, you can set your expectations straight and budget for your improvement properly.

Master Project Schedule

It’s not enough to know the start and completion dates of your project only. You should understand its sequencing to monitor its progress effectively. Otherwise, days might slip by without your knowledge. Look for a reliable contractor and ask the right questions to find out how things will go.

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Even ironclad home improvement plans don’t go smoothly at times. Setbacks are bound to happen, but you can prepare for challenges if you can anticipate possible causes of stress from the beginning.