How to Increase the Security of Your Home with Locksmith Services

Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 4:58am by Business Day TV

Locksmith Handing Over a KeyLocksmiths have been around for centuries and continue to play an important role in communities. In this day and age when privacy and security are of utmost importance, locksmiths have also evolved with the times.

Their range of services has gone beyond making keys and fashioning locks to installing safes and security cameras. Modern locksmith companies such as also offer sophisticated alarm systems to keep homes and commercial establishments safe from burglars and intruders.

Here are a few innovations you might want to consider:

1. Keyless Entry

As more people build or move into smart homes, using keys to enter or close doors has become a thing of the past. Tap cards, biometric scans, and keypads with alphanumeric codes are just a few means to gain access.

This ensures that the people who get in are only those who have been pre-registered at the home or establishment. The doors have scanners or readers that transmit the person’s credentials to a set access control list. Once cleared, the person may enter, and the database stores a transaction log.

Most office buildings and commercial establishments now have this security feature, but it’s also useful for residences. It eliminates the need for members of the household to carry a set of keys with them all the time.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are now part of the security measures set-up in both homes and businesses. Gated communities have cameras set up in strategic places in the neighborhood to monitor the traffic of people and vehicles at all hours.

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At home, surveillance cameras are normally set up near the gate and other entry points. It allows homeowners to check if intruders are trying to get inside their homes when they’re not around. Most surveillance systems also come with alarms, which will go off when security is breached.

Nowadays, cameras are also set up inside homes, which owners can access remotely through a mobile device.

Locksmiths now do more than just cut new keys, replace busted locks, or respond to lock-out emergencies. They make use of the latest technology and equipment to make homes and businesses safe and secure.