How to Improve Patient Satisfaction in a Health Facility

Posted on Aug 9 2017 - 8:09am by Business Day TV

Doctor writing the patient satisfaction informationRunning a hospital can be a challenging task. Hundreds of people walk in through the doors every day seeking relief from an ailment. As such, you have a duty to ensure that you afford each of the patient turning up at your facility the best possible health care.

Providing excellent care is beneficial to both your patients and the hospital. People are unlikely to come back to a facility that does not attend to their needs in a friendly and professional manner.

Mellow down the anxiety

Naturally, people trooping to a hospital have a reason to worry. They are in some form of pain, discomfort, battling a life threatening condition, or nursing a serious injury. As such, the anxiety levels in a hospital waiting room are quite high.

While some people quietly wait for their turns, others are impatient to the point of being a nuisance. Rather than have such a situation turn into chaos, have some soothing music playing in the background. Research shows having music in the waiting room considerably lowers the anxiety level.

Your front desk staff needs to attend to the patients with a polite and professional demeanor.  The ability to reassure patients in distress maintains order and calmness in the waiting room.

Streamline your emergency rooms

In most hospitals, the emergency room is just chaos and pandemonium. Patients in urgent need of medical attention often jam the place. As such, you might have patients passing out, bleeding or throwing up all over the floor. A high number of patients can overwhelm the doctors on call.

With every patient clamoring for services, the situation in this room can get out of hand. With a proper emergency department staffing service provided by firms such as Emergency Staffing Solutions, you could ensure your emergency room runs seamlessly.

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Qualified staff members are a familiar with the ER rules and work efficiently to provide the best service to your patients.

It takes a considerable amount of effort to run a hospital smoothly and provide excellent care to all patients turning up. Taking a step to lower the anxiety levels in the waiting room and running a tight ship in the ER makes a great start.