How to Extend Your Lithium-Ion Battery’s Life

Posted on Jul 4 2018 - 6:28pm by Business Day TV

pile of batteriesEveryone in this modern world seems glued to his or her phone at all times. We use up our lithium-ion batteries so much that it usually disintegrates before it should. These batteries are typically expensive and difficult to find, especially if you are looking for one that you can use for your mobile phone.

Today, battery expert offers you some tips on how to extend the life of your lithium-ion batteries so you would not have to replace it every single time it dies.

Always Store it in a Proper Place

If you are not using your lithium-ion batteries, then make sure to store it somewhere safe. It has to be stored somewhere that has room temperature, meaning that 20 – 25 degrees Celsius would be ideal.

Never leave your batteries somewhere hot such as your car or a hot and humid room, as this is very dangerous. This can damage your batteries and worse, it can even explode and cause several accidents.

Get a High-Quality One

Sure, you can buy several spare batteries for backup. But do you think this is more practical than just getting a high-quality lithium-ion battery? Definitely not. Always do your research and see if the manufacturer is well-known in the industry.

Look for reviews and feedback so you can gauge if you can trust this company with your lithium-ion batteries or not.

Do Not Allow your Batteries to Fully Discharge

One mistake that people usually do is that they allow their lithium-ion batteries to discharge fully. This should definitely not be the case, because if a lithium-ion battery has been discharged below 2.5 volts per cell, then the built-in safety circuit will open and the battery will appear to be dead.

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Also, avoid charging and using lithium-ion batteries that have been stored and unused for a long time, as this can be dangerous.

Always follow the fine print when using your lithium-ion batteries. Do your research and always keep your batteries safe and secure!