How to Create a Customer Support Program That Would Work for You and Your Customers

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 2:39pm by Business Day TV

People working on customer supportExcellent customer service is centered on the wants and needs of your customers. Failing to provide what your customers expect and improve how you deal with them could lead to disastrous results for your bottom line.

From showing that you know your customers’ wants and needs to dealing with complaints effectively and quickly, consider the following guidelines when you set up your customer support program:

Setting up customer support

  • Make sure you know exactly what your customers need and desire from your company. Encourage them to give feedback about their experience in your company.
  • Develop systems that suit the needs and wants of your customers. For example, quick delivery and online ordering. Offer options like “next-day delivery” because even if they would need to pay extra, they’d be happy to do so because it’s an option they want.
  • Show your customers that you understand them. For instance, keep records of their buying habits on your customer relationship system (CRM), so that you could offer them products and services that they’ll be interested in.
  • Keep your promises to customers and try to exceed their expectations. If there are problems, provide warning of changes or issues in advance. Manage complaints more effectively and quickly.
  • Ensure that you have an easy and flexible returns process in place. ReverseLogix and other returns management services specialists recommend giving your customers sufficient time to return an item and multiple options for returning them — in-store, via delivery, or online.
  • Make certain that your customers could contact you through multiple channels — phone, email, mobile, social media, etc.
  • Communicate with your customers regularly. Write personal letters and e-mails with useful information and tell them how much you appreciate their patronage.
  • Give authority to customer reps who speak with customers face-to-face and empower them to make their own decisions and fix issues. Likewise, ensure that they have an easy access to product and customer information.
  • Keep a log of all customer interactions and review them regularly to understand your customers better.
  • Offer extras for your most valued and loyal customers, such as promos, loyalty programs, or a separate service helpline.
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Done right, your customer support program would help attract and keep your target customers. However, it’s crucial to note that since your representatives are mainly the ones who’ll be facing your customers, you have to impose clear standards and make certain they’ve undergone training.