How Small Businesses Thrive in Competitive Markets

Posted on Mar 14 2016 - 7:55am by Admin

Many people assume that competition is bad for your company’s growth. After all, you’ll have to fight for every customer. Most would rather go into a relatively uncontested space, where they can grow at their own pace. But is this actually the right idea?

Yes, a highly competitive market is very difficult for new businesses to enter. It requires a strong value proposition, excellent marketing, and good control over finances. Small mistakes can cost you greatly, so you need to have a realistic plan.

But if you can survive the first year, you actually have a better chance of succeeding long term. The competition forces you into learning valuable lessons, such as truly understanding what your customers want and how to keep costs low. A high level of competition also usually means a stronger, more sustainable market.

How You can Thrive in a Challenging Environment

This all sounds nice, but of course, the difficult part is actually dealing with the competition in the first place. There is no easy answer to this; your strategy must take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your business, along with the market’s condition.

One way to get ahead is by enlisting a more experienced advisor to guide you through the crucial early months. According to, getting small business coaching services can make a huge difference since it helps build a solid foundation and lets you avoid common mistakes that cripple growth.

You should also pay attention to what your competition is doing. What are they doing differently? Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone; copy what works, find out how to do things better than them, and always stay flexible.

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Perhaps most importantly, you want to establish your niche. Learn what really sets you apart, then work on building your brand identity around that. It’s the only way to really be “safe” from the competition.