Hiring Equipment: The Difference between Wet and Dry Hire

Posted on May 23 2018 - 5:59pm by Business Day TV

An orange bulldozerA construction company has to consider various factors when securing equipment. Where this is not done, it could lead to poor choices that derail the accomplishment of projects. Among the possible setbacks are delays and poor work quality. While the quality of the equipment, safety, cost and risks are some of the most considered factors, it is also important to determine what contract type you want when you hire equipment. To guide you through the process, we discuss wet and dry hire below.

Wet Hire

This involves hiring the equipment with an operator and other complementary services you will need for it to be functional. The extras vary between companies and may include repairs and servicing. This option comes with various advantages:

• It offers a complete package, making it quite convenient
• All the fees for hiring the equipment are included in the quote; so, you have an accurate figure on what to budget for
• The operator is well acquainted with the equipment and operates it with caution, which significantly lessens the chances of breakdowns caused by the user
• If you have no qualified personnel on site, it eliminates the hassle of hiring one from third parties
• Since you get everything in one package, a wet hire is quite convenient for your business if you are short on time or don’t have the resources to provide for associated services

Dry Hire

When securing machinery on dry hire, you get them without any complementary services. The hire company may also place the maintenance cost and labour on your company. As such, this option is best where a business has qualified staff to operate it.

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• Using your personnel gives you more control over the standard of work done
• Securing the labour from within can minimise the cost
• There are fewer people on the site for you to manage

The success of your projects is closely tied to how well you manage the resources you have. Choosing between wet and dry hire depends on prevailing circumstances. Evaluate your situation and make the right choice. To minimise liability, ensure that operators in both cases are experienced and licensed.