Here are Three Things You Should Recycle

Posted on May 1 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Green recycle signDo you know that one person produces an average of 4 pounds of trash every single day? That is a lot of garbage to manage. And unfortunately, not everyone is accustomed to proper waste management, including recycling. But you can definitely start being kinder to the planet in your own home. Here are three things that you can—and should—recycle.


If you have some wooden pallets, you can upcycle them and make some cool, DIY home furniture. These include shelves, tables, chairs, headboards, stools and more. But if you are not too nifty, there are companies like LKM Recycling that offer wood recycling. In this process, wood trash is converted into raw materials that can be used in the production of paper, panel boards, and even energy.

Aluminium cans

Only around 50% of the aluminium can waste are recycled. Do not be too quick in throwing away those empty cans. You can do some weekend projects with them and convert them into makeshift pots for your herb garden or recycled into bakeware.

Glass bottles

It is good to know that about majority of the glass bottles created today are made with 27% recycled glass. If you want to start recycling, you can reuse old wine glasses as water glasses or turn them into flower vases. If you are not too creative with recycling, you can sell them to recycling shops and get some quick cash.

Do not be too quick in throwing away items that you can upcycle or sell for quick profit. Make it a habit to think what you can do with household waste such as cans, bottles and wood so that you do not end up adding to the waste pollution.

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