Grab the Attention of Your Site Visitors in 3 Strategies

Posted on Apr 4 2017 - 6:44am by Business Day TV

Web Traffic ChartSite visitors have a short attention span because of the glut of information readily available to them. If they can’t find what they need from you, they are likely to leave and look for another site. This is why it is so important to catch and maintain the attention of a visitor the moment your pages finish loading.

Experts on website design in Salt Lake City list the following strategies on how you can achieve this successfully:

Novelty is a Plus

Experts noted that novelty promotes the transmission of information. A novel experience doesn’t grab the attention, it also is a vital need of the mind. Novelty is something unknown, that’s why it demands your attention. Once the brain pieces enough information about that, it begins to look for another unknown to comprehend. To sustain the attention of a visitor, you need to present them with a novelty on a consistent basis. Making a list on your site isn’t enough, use graphics, illustrations, or even videos to keep a user browsing.

Show Contrast

The brain pays attention to contrast, such as before and after photos or something that is completely different from a photo’s environment. It seeks contrast to make decisions instantly and avoid confusion that may cause a delay in decision-making. Use this design technique to arrest the attention of a visitor. This doesn’t only work for weight loss programs. This kind of approach can also work for beauty products, displaying of improvement in conversion rates, remodeling, cleanliness and increase in wealth.

Elicit Emotions

Elicit an emotion from a visitor and you’ll grab their attention immediately, whether it is a positive or a negative one. Emotions pique the interest of a person as it reminds them of an experience. This approach puts you in a good position because you are able to associate your brand with something that a potential customer wants to feel.

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These are only a handful of strategies that allow you to get the attention of a visitor. Once you have it, it is easier to sell and convert at a higher rate.