Girl Power: Female Entrepreneurs are More Positive About Their Businesses

Posted on Sep 10 2018 - 9:57pm by Business Day TV

Businesswoman and her teamGone are the days when men used to rule the business world. In the previous years, women have made great progress in terms of making their mark in industries previously considered as the man’s sphere. It seems that there is no better time to be a woman entrepreneur than now.

Statistics on Female Entrepreneurs

Women are flexing entrepreneurial girl power by owning over 12 million businesses in America, a recent SBA statistic cited by Fortune. On top of this, women have a more positive outlook on their work and the economy.

According to a study from a financial advice site, 21% of female entrepreneurs are eyeing to hire more workers in 2019, while 56% plan to expand their businesses in the next five years. What’s more, approximately 49% are optimistic that the local economy will improve, while 48% believe that the nation’s financial system will look good too.

Women also have experienced improvement in terms of funding, with lots of opportunities specifically designed for their business needs. So women are investing more and taking charge of their financial health better.

Being a Woman Entrepreneur

Now is the ideal time to become a woman entrepreneur. If you want to exercise entrepreneurial girl power yourself, start with what you’re passionate about.

Most female entrepreneurs initially do what they want, say, sew clothes or bake cookies, and later on, finding themselves making money out of it. Some women are passionate about healthy, grab-and-go meals, so they break into organic food businesses, the frozen yogurt industry, or diet food delivery services. It’s easier to sustain a business if you love what you’re doing, so know your passion and follow through it.

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It’s also important to surround yourself with people who have the business understanding and experience. A lot of women become insecure about jumping into a certain industry because they know little to nothing about it. The cure to this is to go to experts who can provide business advice and knowledge. Some go to franchisors since they are experts who already established their brands and at the same time, they benefit from the fact that they wouldn’t have to start a business from scratch.

Who run the business world? Women do. Join the growing movement of female entrepreneurs. Take the plunge.