First Impressions Matter: Standing Out Among Other Products

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 8:38am by Business Day TV

Brand identity matters

The mind only needs 7 seconds to make a judgment or a decision regarding a particular product. That is how much time you have to convince an individual to choose your product over the tens of others displayed on the shelf.

Impossible? No. Effective product packaging does just that. Attract your audience.

How does packaging affect your market sales?

They say the first impression lasts. The first step in getting your clients’ attention is with an eye-catching packaging. A high as one-third of decisions to purchase is based on the product packaging. Thus, it is not a surprise that companies invest on luxury packaging designs for their products. People’s attraction to packaging is made subconsciously. Aside from its creative design and aesthetics, packaging, for it to be effective should be convenient and familiar.

An academic study published in the International Journal of Research in Business and Technology also stresses the connection of high-quality packaging to the increase in the volume of sales. The rise of social media has an indirect effect on this findings. Products with good packaging are likely to be recycled more. It is also more likely to be posted in social media. Once posted, awareness and familiarity of the public regarding the product increases.

What are the steps you can do to improve your packaging?

Different factors affect the overall success of your packaging. It may not be obvious, but factors such as the visibility of your product logo, the colours used in your packaging, the font type, and the way the packaging is designed for convenience dictates the reception of the people towards your products.

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Your packaging plays a significant role in increasing your sales. But do not forget to focus on the quality of the goods you offer. The combination of an excellent packaging and high-quality product would surely be hard to beat in this highly competitive business field.