Fire Glass: A Guide to Categories of Pebbles

Posted on Jun 19 2018 - 12:45pm by Business Day TV

Fire Rock PebblesFire glass gives a decorative means of covering up gas jets with attractive crystals and pebbles that are not only beautiful, but they also multiply the heat radiation up to three times.

Fire glass crystals from Fireglass Factory come in plenty of colors and shapes, which create a bright, well light and warm ambiance, hence creating a focal point for your home. With that said, this article highlights some fire glass pebbles that you may consider for use in your home.

Premium Fire Glass

If you want to amplify the intensity of your fire glass, then these pebbles are the way to go. They feature a well-polished surface that gives a mirrored finish, which reflects the light off the fire flame creating a contemporary flame display.

During the day when the fire is not burning, the reflective mirror of the glass reflects the sunshine resulting in an attractive, dynamic look for your house.

Fire Beads Glass

This comes with the well-known bead style shape. A majority of people select them due to their uniformity in shape and their contemporary appearance. They are available in standard colors, and also the more lustrous colors that give a more reflective appearance from their finely polished surfaces.

Eco Fire Glass

If you are a go-green oriented person, fire glass pebbles have an option for you too. Glass pebbles in this category have been manufactured from recycled industrial glass, which has been melted and then fused together.

They are available in a jellybean shape, and they provide a great way to save the environment and money at the same time.

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Similar to their colors and styles, fire glass pebbles also come in plenty of sizes and shapes. Although the size of the pebbles does not affect their performance, you have the liberty to choose from small, large, bead-shaped, or irregular shaped pebbles for your fire.