Facts About Australian Open Every Tennis Fan Should Know

Posted on Jul 22 2016 - 12:00am by Business Day TV

TennisFor every tennis fan, there’s no better way to welcome the new year than seeing the best tennis players battle it out. And year after year, the Australian Open doesn’t fail to deliver its promise.

Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam events in the world of tennis. It is highly anticipated by every fan around the globe and boasts high attendance every year. Australia Open tickets are highly coveted. If you’re planning to catch the action live, The Ticket Merchant says it’s best to book yours as early as possible.

To get yourself warmed up for the tournament, get a few servings of these little-known facts about the Australian Open:

It was first known as the Australasian Championships

Before 1969, the tournament was called Australasian Championships. In 1905 in Melbourne, the then Lawn Tennis Association of Australia held the first match at the Warehouseman’s Cricket Ground, which later renamed as Albert Reserve Tennis Centre.

Temperatures can go up at around 45° Celsius

If you think playing under the heat of the sun is punishing, imagine playing in the middle of the summer, with temperatures topping at around 45° C or above 100° F. The heat is so intense that some players had to put on some intravenous drips. Now, all three primary court have installed retractable roofs to provide relief both to the players and the fans.

Two locals hold the most titles in the competition

Quite fittingly, two Aussies hold the most titles in the tournament’s history. Margaret Court won 11 females titles and even got a court named after her. Roy Emerson won six titles before 1969. However, his record is on the brink of being broken by Novak Djokovic who clinched his sixth title in 2016.

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The young can hold their own against the veterans

The youngest winners in the tournament’s history were Ken Rosewall who won Men’s single at the age of 18 and Martina Hingis who was 16 when she topped Women’s singles.

The Australian Open is the best year-opener tennis fans could ever wish for. If you’re looking for great court action, you know where to go.