Essential Farewell Gifts You Can Give to Your International School Student

Posted on Sep 8 2016 - 7:04pm by Business Day TV

Gifts to a Foreign School Student in DubaiCongratulations to your child for being admitted to an international school abroad. Now everything is set and your child will soon be packing and travelling to another country. Better choose one of these practical farewell gifts for them to use:

Hardshell Luggage – No traveller should be without their standard luggage set. Get them the most mobile, reliable and durable suitcases possible. The ones that are now the rave are hardshell ones with built-in gadget chargers and hidden compartments for laundry or money. Go for the international sizes to be sure.

Language and Translation Books or Apps – As your student will be studying in a German school in Dubai or any educational institution overseas, they will need to be on top of their language skills. Buy books and online apps that can help them upgrade their knowledge of the German, French, Arabic, and many other languages. Make sure the books are compact and easy to carry around.

An All-Weather Camera – A good travel camera does not have to be always compact, as there are students who are also into photography. Most likely they already have their own cameras so choose one that is weatherproof or weather resistant. You can also look for an all-weather case for your teenager's existing camera instead.

Multi-Purpose Backpack – Nothing says "student" like a backpack simply because of its multi-purpose capabilities. Your student can also use it during his expeditions as a tourist or they can use it as their hand luggage when on plane trips. Choose durable and weather-resistant models with lots of compartments inside and out to keep their stuff safe and secure.

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The chance to travel and study in another country is not a chance given to just anyone. Besides the gifts, wish them well and promise to be always a phone call or a chat window away. That is probably the most remarkable farewell gifts you can offer them.