Does Your Warehouse Need its Own Workshop?

Posted on Apr 13 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Large warehouseAt Bugatti, they call their manufacturing centre an atelier. Going deeper, however, you can see why they dared to call it that way, which has a connotation of where art manifests. Aside from it being located in France, Bugatti had made two of the most iconic cars of this generation, the Veyron and Chiron, in this place.

Atelier, when translated, is a workshop. Bugatti has a workshop, Nike has one, and many of the fashion houses have one. If you want to compete, you must have products fit to fight with what is on the market. A workshop inside a manufacturing facility or simply a dedicated space is where you can create bespoke products and improve upon your current product designs.

A Hub for Industrial Goodness

They say that inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places, from minute aspects of some objects to the silhouettes of great industrial designs. Inspiration can also come simply because you have the means to make a change, and having a workshop accomplishes this part.

You need not take an ‘industrial’ approach to create a workshop. As long as you’re able to organise your tools and have a clean working space, inspiration should come easy. Containit Solutions’ bucket shelves should help you compartmentalise the components, and pegboards will hold your power tools safely.

It is also important to make provisions for trash or any by-product. A system, or even a simple container, where you can put products that do not fall into any category should help with the organisation. This is an industrial workshop, after all, and efficiency is a priority.

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The Unconventional Look of Iconic Products

It is rare that a manufacturer aims to create an icon. At best, they want to make a mark or introduce a better design than what is currently available. It is only a coincidence that these products create a legacy. The original Mini Cooper comes to mind: a nimble vehicle, cute at first sight, but an immense performer in rally courses. The original Dyson vacuum cleaner is also a great example, as well as many other new and old products.

If you can spare a little manufacturing space, a workshop is a good choice to be in its place. It nourishes creativity and its convenience will help you solve design problems in no time.