Does Image Truly Matter in Business?

Posted on May 27 2016 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Business Image‘Would you capture it, or just let it slip?’ That’s Eminem in the opening lines of ‘Lose Yourself’, which talks about grabbing an opportunity.

That song may resonate more with young people trying to carve their own way through life, but it also applies to business—specifically, to making an impression. Most people ask if impressions truly matter where business is concerned. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who would say it’s all that matters, and they may be right.

How your business is perceived is often how it is responded to by customers. Customers who do not respect or trust a brand will not support it. Customers who do, on the other hand, tend not just to support it but market it in their own way.

The good news for entrepreneurs is there are many ways to handle image building. Here are some examples.

It’s About the Product

Whether you manufacture products or provide a service, you need people to trust that what you offer answers a need. If you make a bad or unreliable product, or provide a service that does not meet expectations, you will lose business. Whereas if people like what you offer, they will continue buying and talking about it, perhaps on social media, where millions of people connect effortlessly and where they often get ideas for what they need.

It’s About You as the Leader

You are the face of your business. Your name eventually becomes synonymous with your brand. What you do reflects on your business too, so be careful.

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While every person has a different personality, that’s not an excuse to act in a way that turns people off. Very few people—like Steve Jobs—can get away with boorish behaviour and still be considered heroes of their generation. If you ever commit a blunder, be sure to make amends as soon as possible. Apologise if you must, perhaps through a video. PlatinumHD says professional videographers on the Gold Coast can see to it that your video looks exactly as it should, to convey the right message.

It’s about Your Company Culture

What your own employees experience at work is how they will see the company from within. Employees are often considered outsiders, so if someone from your workforce starts badmouthing your company, people—with the help of the media—tend to believe them. Foster a company culture that supports and nurtures relationships and productivity at the same time. Be careful with hiring too. Make your company a destination that employees seek out and not stay away from.

Image is not just an important part of business; it’s who and what you are in the eyes of your customers. Do what you can to polish that image, but do it with genuineness.