Do Not Leave Funeral Planning to Someone Else: Plan it Yourself!

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 10:42am by Business Day TV

Funeral ServicesMost people do not make a will and do not tell their relatives what type of funeral they want, leaving their estate and final send-off to chance. Instead of risking it, why not plan your own funeral.

Research by Prudential shows that 59% of the British public have not written a will and specified who will inherit their estate. Some have not even given preferences for the type of funeral they want.

Not having a will means that next of kin will need to apply for a grant of representation from to the court to take control of the estate and make decisions about who will inherit – a recipe for arguments. If there is no next of kin and no one makes a claim, the assets will go to the government. In the same situation, if a funeral has not been planned, the deceased may be issued a standard council funded or ‘paupers’ funeral, so it is just as important to plan a final service as it is to write a will.

What is a Funeral Plan?

Prepaid funeral packages are insurance policies that will cover the cost of a person’s funeral in the event of their death. The policyholder can plan every aspect of their funeral, from the type of coffin they want to the location they want to be buried in. Funeral plans are paid for either in monthly instalments or in a one-off lump sum payment.

What is Included in a Funeral Plan?

The amount covered depends on the type of policy taken out. There are basic plans that include only care of the body, transportation from the mortuary and direct cremation (without a religious or secular ceremony) to full Cadillac plans with a horse and carriage, church service, personalised coffin and more. Eco funeral plans may include the use of a wicker coffin, no embalming and burial in a woodland area.

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Do not end up with a state funeral; get a prepaid package instead. This will give your family peace of mind and will determine who gets what to avoid conflicts.