De-clutter Made Easy: Ways to Ensure You Will Go Home to a Relaxing Place

Posted on Jan 18 2016 - 8:20am by Business Day TV

Decluttered HomeAfter a hard day’s work, nothing else comes to mind but the thought of relaxing at home. Naturally, the picture of home should be inviting—warm and organised. If you enter your home and all you see is clutter, then you should start considering a facelift for your living space.

A home revamp, however, need not be costly – in fact, it need not be a major construction project. Sometimes, all it takes to bring out the beauty of your home is putting things in order and getting rid of your clutter.

And since the year has just begun, you might as well start cleaning up your house.

Get rid of stuff you don’t see yourself using, now or in the future.

Whether those are old magazines or snow globes, if you know that you would end up throwing them into those boxes in your garage, you might as well throw them away for good. Or, you can sell some of your old stuff. Saw a lot of scrap metal lying around in your front yard? Recycle them. Metal Salvage Services Ltd suggests looking for a group that buys scrap metal (there are many in Auckland), and you might just see yourself getting paid well.

Make use of smart storage.

Even if you own a lot of things that are now in your bedroom or sitting room, you don’t have to make them visible at first glance. Look for awesome storage pieces—like a drawer that doubles as a desk or a bookshelf that’s embedded on the wall—and work around it. You have to take note that bags should not be used as storage items, though, since you will have a hard time locating your things.

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Limit the stuff you use, display in one room.

For instance, you should collate all your reading materials in your sitting room instead of scattering them all over different rooms in your home. Unless, of course, you have a personal library—then you can simply choose what you think your guests will enjoy reading for sitting room use. The principle is the same for the rest of the house.

It’s a brand new year, so better start de-cluttering as early as now. That will give you a good chance to keep the habit all year-long.