Colour Psychology: The Right Paint for Your Business

Posted on Oct 19 2015 - 11:41pm by Business Day TV

PaintersYou may not realize it, but colour has a lot to do with the success of your business. Using the right colours can help attract more customers looking for your products. This affects consumer behaviour and sparks their interest in buying.

Creating an Emotional Response

Seeing colours evoke an emotional response. Specific tones elicit a unique reaction based on the common perception of a person with that colour. This is part of the reason most restaurants use red hues. Red incites hunger, so customers are likely to enter your store. Research further shows that red lessens analytical thinking, which enhances the likelihood of making quick buying decisions. Blue is a good colour for office, as it promotes productivity. Yellow, on the other hand, is not a colour that many people favour when it comes to shopping. If you wish to gain the attention of customers, this shade is the least likely choice for your business.

Most people associate orange as good value. Some appliance stores use this hue to show their prospective buyers that they are the most economical choice. White may look clean, but it is can be too plain and boring — you do not want people to think like this about your business.

Changing Temperatures

As the professionals of Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators explain, colour has the power to change a person’s perception when it comes to temperature. You can fool anyone into thinking a place is cold by bombarding them with cool hues. The colours included in this range are green, blue and purple. Red, yellow and orange does the opposite, as most people would think these tones are too warm for their eyes. If you own a grilling restaurant, you would want to evoke heat. For skiing shops, you would want that feeling of a colder atmosphere. Use hot and cold colours accordingly.

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Paint your establishment with the right colours for success. Get inspiration from the latest trends or ask for advice from experienced painters in your area.