Classic Novels: Why They’re Part of the School Curriculum

Posted on Jun 21 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Top View of Several BooksThe Odyssey. Romeo and Juliet. Wuthering Heights. Macbeth. These are all classic novels that have become part of the educational culture around the world for many years. Even charter schools like e-Institute have it as part of their Language Arts curriculum.

The biggest question that students have, though, is “Why do we have to read these novels in school?” While they may seem like complex books for those who aren’t fond of reading, their stories are not at all different from the movies you watch or the TV series that come out these days.

Here are five good reasons students should read classic novels as part of their education.

They Challenge You

These novels are a perfect example of working hard to reach one goal – finishing a complex book. Many books are meant to be easy reads like the ones by Dr. Seuss. But these books are meant to challenge your reading and comprehension abilities.

Taking this challenge and finishing it will give you the sense of accomplishment you need as a student.

They Build Character

The stories of these novels are thought-provoking in so many ways. The forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet. The struggle of Lady Macbeth to prove her equality with her male counterparts.

If you find ways to relate these stories to current situations, you’ll find yourself in a plethora of thoughts that will teach you lessons and develop your character as a person.

They Strengthen Your Thought Process

These novels have a lot of strong ideas that bend your brain and make you think. Most of them are situations you can translate into modern-day issues. You can consider this as training for your mind and how it should process different situations at different times.

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It Keeps You in the Literary “Know”

Since these books have been part of the educational process for many years, a lot of people will use it as topics of conversations. If you don’t take this part of your education seriously, you’ll feel ignorant and have low self-esteem knowing you can’t relate to a very common topic.

Remember that good writing comes from a lot of reading. And with the world living on content and copy today, it’s best that you stock up on good vocabulary from quality novels as early as you can so you can be well-versed and educated enough to get through your education successfully.