Chocolate: A Sweet Color Palette for a Cozy Kitchen

Posted on Mar 29 2016 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Cozy KitchenChocolate brown is a timeless color for use in your kitchen. Soft and elegant, it can match just about any color palette. The great thing about this particular color is that it's soft and sweet. Unlike other shades of brown, which may look overly stiff and masculine, chocolate is decidedly more delicate.

Since it's such a palatable color, chocolate is ideal for use in the kitchen. It's particularly nice for use in cabinets and countertops. Cabinets Co, for instance, use almond maple, which has a naturally occurring chocolate shade. Those who want to buy kitchen cabinets in this chocolate shade will be glad to know there's no tinting required.

The Beauty of Chocolate

Chocolate is a sweet shade that imparts a warm feel to your kitchen. It's inviting and easy on the eyes. The color evokes images of cookies and cake. It has a rich, milky hue that boosts the appetite.

Chocolate is a favorite among interior designers, and is perfect for the fall season. It lends itself well to just about any surface, but it's best as a base color.

The shade is neutral, but is interesting enough not to look boring. Other shades of brown age a home, making it look old and dated. Chocolate looks more contemporary, giving your kitchen a casual but modern look.

Complementary Colors

As a neutral color, it goes well with just about any palette. Here are some complementary colors to give your chocolate kitchen a bit more oomph:

  • Cream – Cream is a gorgeous color that goes well with chocolate. Chocolate and cream is a classic color palette that looks cozy and sweet.
  • Ivory – For a more luxurious, elegant feel, go for ivory instead of cream. It's a bit stark and contrasts with your brown shade.
  • Rust – Red shades are difficult to pull off, but chocolate balances out the richness of rust shades.
  • Chartreuse – This yellow green shade is a great match for chocolate. It makes your kitchen look spunky and energetic without seeming too loud.
  • Pumpkin – If there are shades made for each other, it's pumpkin orange and chocolate. It looks sweet and rustic. You can just smell the thanksgiving feast cooking in your kitchen!
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Chocolate is a gorgeous shade for use in your kitchen. It looks lovely and works well with a range of shades.