CCTV Advantage: Monitor and Secure Properties at All Times

Posted on Apr 6 2015 - 2:45am by Business Day TV

CCTVAlmost all establishments use CCTV for added security. Commercial CCTV systems can do a lot more than prevent burglaries and identify suspects. Here are the other features you can get from them.

Shop Security

Using one or two wide screen TVs, you can monitor the areas of your shop where suspects are more likely to be lurking. Your TV can accommodate several footages simultaneously. With just one glance, you can immediately see if there are any suspicious activities going on.

Install one by the cashier to make sure no money goes into the pockets of your staff. You can also record the footages of the CCTV. Should there be any theft, burglary or crime, you would only have to play back the footage of the time and date the incident occurred. From here you can identify the people involved.

Public Transportation

Public transportation such as subways and public highways can benefit from CCTVs. You can never tell when accidents happen at these places—take the accident that happened at the Luas stop, for example. The police investigation of the stabbing would proceed smoothly with CCTV footage.

It would be easy to identify the cause of a road accident and even see how it actually happened. Moreover, drivers who use navigation apps will know if there are road obstructions, which gives them the alternative to try a shortcut.

CCTVs don’t only monitor mishaps on the road. Media can do live traffic reports without being at the location and they can share their traffic reports on television.

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You can protect automatic teller machine (ATM) tampering with commercial CCTV systems. It is easy to catch a suspect who tinkers with the ATM. This way, banks can assure its depositors that their money is in good hands even during the wee hours and in the absence of security personnel.

For your peace of mind, install CCTVs at your commercial establishment. You’ll be glad you did.