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Running a restaurant business involves money. If you successfully made it to the market and your business is operational, you need to find a way to sustain...Continue reading »

The Bosa Waterfront Centre office building in Vancouver set a new record for the most expensive office building in the city after its selling price reached more than $2,000 per square foot. Aaron Ulinder, senior vice president with CBRE Limited, said that the last time a commercial building for sale in Vancouver closed at a record per-square-foot price happened in December...Continue reading »

Regardless of the amount of loan you are applying for and the type of property you plan to build or acquire using the mortgage, you will need to pay a...Continue reading »

Most Filipinos dream of buying their own homes, yet the odds of realizing this in 2016 depended on where you plan to acquire property. A Lamudi report...Continue reading »

Owning a house is probably on everyone’s bucket list, but shopping for one is a task that overwhelms first-time homebuyers. As a first-time homebuyer, you are faced with many options based on many considerations, such as location, type of home and type of mortgage. Whatever your choice, real estate professionals advise going for new homes, as opposed to old ones, to...Continue reading »

Real estate agents can have a negative image, but most real estate agents use their expertise to save their client’s money and time. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a real estate agent. They understand the market better than you. You might be tempted to buy a property just because it seems to be in a superb location and is at a reasonable price. However,...Continue reading »

Almost everyone’s been there: talking to a mortgage lender and then having an argument over one thing or the other. In the end, the borrower will not...Continue reading »

Dallas emerged as the best place for real estate investors to buy a rental property in the U.S, according to a HomeUnion analysis. The online residential...Continue reading »

Owning a house is a dream come true for many. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to push through with it, thinking that they have no way of affording...Continue reading »

Algomi is a UK-based software company that is driven on changing and revolutionising the fixed income trader’s world. They also have an interest in helping well-established market incumbents to roll out new and innovative trading platforms worldwide, securing their status as well-established market incumbents. Algomi has partnered with multiple financial institutions,...Continue reading »