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Compassion is one of the virtues that help to cement and foster good societal values in the world. It often the driving factor that causes people to rally...Continue reading »

The hotel industry can be highly competitive. To thrive, you’ll need to distinguish yourself in your region. Here are simple tactics to stay ahead of the pack. Recruit a competent staff Your business is as good as the staff you work with. Engage one of the leading London recruitment agencies like KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd to help you recruit a skilled team. Keep...Continue reading »

Urbanites in places where the summer season has started or at its peak suffer from the oppressive heat. Adding to their sweaty woes are mounting energy...Continue reading »

One of the world’s most common materials is plastic, and its abundance is overcoming the waste stream in harmful ways. Due to plastic’s non-biodegradable nature, it is very hard to dispose of, which is why countries dedicate extensive efforts into recycling them. Not all plastic types can be recycled in a single and straightforward process. Its dominant use...Continue reading »

As cities prosper, the demand for accommodation rises. This is particularly the case for megacities like Singapore where the price of homes around central Singapore continues to rise. For savvy buyers, the solution is city-fringe properties. Supported by reliable transport systems, living outside business areas is no longer fraught with inconveniences like it used to....Continue reading »