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High maintenance costs can lower income from a commercial real estate investment and ruin your financial plans. However, there are ways to keep your maintenance costs low and affordable. While investing in a commercial real estate might be a sound idea, it is not without its share of challenges. Many of these  can eat into your income and crush you by a mountain of debt....Continue reading »

Today’s consumers love local, and so does the Internet. Finding local businesses for specific needs is becoming one of the web’s primary purposes....Continue reading »

Every organisation performs some material handling activities. The process can either be automated or manual. In modern storage systems in warehouses,...Continue reading »

Health advocates believe the New Zealand government’s Heath Star Food rating system has made little impact since being launched in 2014. Since then,...Continue reading »

With the competition heating up, you have to dig deep into your bag of tricks to stay ahead in the game. In most cases, it means you have to outshine the...Continue reading »

A 2016 report found that the U.S. homeownership rate across age groups is at 62.9%. But homeownership rate among millennials is only at 34.1%....Continue reading »

Clawing back a damaged reputation can be a long and painful experience for any business. Just take it from Samsung. When it was found that over a hundred...Continue reading »

Projects are a common and highly important part of nearly every industry around the world. Whether you’re in construction, sales, or the academe, chances...Continue reading »

An eMarketer survey showed that 83% of consumers consider online reviews very influential when they form their views on a specific company. Additionally,...Continue reading »

Mortgage, generally speaking, is a financing option that allows you to fill in the total amount of payment you need to purchase a house. There's...Continue reading »