Brand Repair: Recovering from a Damaged Reputation

Posted on Nov 28 2016 - 1:35pm by Business Day TV

Brand RebuildingClawing back a damaged reputation can be a long and painful experience for any business. Just take it from Samsung. When it was found that over a hundred new Galaxy Note 7 handsets either overheated or burst into flames, the South Korean company made the unprecedented decision to recall every single Note 7 handsets sold worldwide.

On top of the disastrous $6 billion-worth brand recall and plummeting share prices, Samsung’s hard-earned reputation suffered quite a blow. But, Samsung remains one of the most valuable global brands, and there are many reasons why this crisis will not harm its brand long term. All thanks to a loyal customer base worldwide. So if Samsung can repair its brand, so can you.

When a Crisis Strikes

Large corporations usually have a crisis prevention and communication plan to help minimise risks. This is why big brands tend to recover more quickly when a crisis strikes. No matter how small your company is, you should have an ounce of prevention as well. But when all else fails, develop a plan to keep your hard-earned image intact and focus on repairing your brand.

Let People Know

The best way to control the damage is to own up to it. Your customers and partners will appreciate your honesty and transparency. And if you get the facts right and show your willingness to fix the problem, they may even help you rebuild your brand. In times like these, do the right thing.

Rebuild Your Brand

The right time to start rebuilding your brand is when you’ve already fixed the problem. When you’re ready to go out there, call in the media and up your image by offering incentives or discounts to get customers back in the door. But don’t push it too hard, and know that it will take some time before the issue dies down.

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Regain Customer Loyalty

Small brands will have a harder time fixing a fractured reputation. Your brand will be at the mercy of your customers, so work on regaining their trust and giving them good reasons to not turn away. Let them know that you have plenty more to offer. suggests to leverage technology and advertising to increase positive brand recognition.

Nowadays, news travels fast and dies down rather quickly. If you’re in need of serious reimaging, take advantage of your network of friends, social media influencers, bloggers or any notable person to help you out.