Better Content: Impressing Readers and Google, Too

Posted on Jul 15 2016 - 12:00am by Business Day TV

SEO in DenverContent creation runs the show in digital marketing. It’s what the audience needs to connect with the business, and it’s what Google looks for when ranking websites. While there many different ways to create good content, it would be foolish to believe there is only one definite way. Not only does Google change their algorithm regularly, but people change all the time, too. The writing style that appeals to them now might not hold two-three years down the road.

Nevertheless, it’s good to have a solid foundation for creating content. Trends may change, but the outcome doesn’t: to impress the audience and Google. Tackling two fronts is hardly ideal, but know that it does get easier with practice and constant adaptation.

On the other hand, SEO experts from Denver to London usually agree on a couple things that would make content much more attractive. Here are a few that proved to be quite effective:

Simple, Simple, Simple

People want something they can absorb, and going with what we see now, they want something they can understand on the go. Keeping it simple, then, is a key feature of great content. People aren’t going to have much time to deliberate facts and sentences.

Few of the proven ways to maintaining simple communication with the audience is by sticking to a general topic, using an active voice, and throwing in some visuals.

What Google Wants, Google Gets

Google’s original “Don’t Be Evil” slogan stuck to the people. So, when they do something, everyone will know that they have the fairness of competition on the Internet in mind.

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In SEO, Google is king and the good kind. They want businesses who want to stand out to do so properly. They won’t permit black hat methods or tolerate bad practices, just good old graft. Going content’s way, it’s only possible by writing relevant and easily understandable pieces.

Recognize the Market

The first step in writing great content, always, is knowing the market, the people who will read the article, and what they want. It doesn’t matter what industry. Relevance is not just about what’s new; it’s about what the target market will consume.

This is why saying the right thing won’t always get the job done in content creation. What will work, though, is a combination of trendy writing and firm content writing principles.